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Robby The Caricature Artist
(Robby services Toronto, Ajax, Whitby and more.)

Robby's career as a caricature artist has been forged in the furnace of summer heat waves at amusement parks, county fairs and public gatherings. His face, burnt a irritable red under an oily 50 screen, is moistened by the tears of pre-teens expecting flattery and cooled and fueled by the explosive laughter of his public and his peers.

Rob earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from York University near the end of the last millennium and has been drawing and cartooning caricatures of people ever since. In 2001, Rob left his dusty day job behind to pursue the ink-stained, xylene scented life of a full time caricaturist at Canada's Wonderland  in North Toronto and has never looked back!

As well as entertaining the chaotic crowds in Toronto, Ajax, Whitby in
theme parks , he has cartooned at events ranging from Weddings and divorce celebrations, Bar Mitzvah's, birthday parties as well as a variety of corporate functions and cruises, county fairs and festivals throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Rob has a lovely and talented wife, three beautiful children and shares his wife's attentions, (as well as his drawing board) with Crayons the cat as well as latest addition to the art studio, Xanadu, the Basset Hound.

Robby has been drawing caricatures all across Ontario but specializes in Toronto, Ajax and Whitby. If you want terrific caricatures and art work that will be cherished for years to come order Robby today.

(Robby services Toronto, Ajax, Whitby and more.)



Updated: June 30th 2017

Caricature artists in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and southern Ontario
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