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Hector the Toronto Caricature Artist
Caricatures in Toronto and surrounding cities

Hector’s Cartoons and Caricatures
The beauty and “raison dętre” of drawing caricatures is the smile I can see from seniors, as well as teens, children, adults and babies at any function. I love drawing caricatures and cartooning at weddings, birthday parties, BB/Mitzvahs, jamborees and corporate events in and near Toronto.

Toronto has been, and still is, my home for more than 12 years. I began to draw anything that came to my imagination on the floor of my parents home when I was about four years of age; that was in my native country of Honduras. My medium was simply white chalk. I remember the joy I felt before, during and after the completion of my creations. I also recall the disappointment when someone stepped on my drawings, with the possible exception of “Rosita” –a parrot. Today my passion is visual art, which has evolved from the basic drawings of my childhood, to more applied and detailed work in structure and tone developed during my educational training and experience in Toronto. I have been recording my dreams as well as my realities through my art since as long I can remember. I also produce drawings by commission. I remain happily in demand as an artist.

Editor's note:
Hector's amazing drawings keep him in high demand. If you wish to book this talented caricature artist please do so far enough in advance to avoid disappointment.



Hector's Caricatures in Toronto and surrounding cities 


Updated: June 30th 2017

Caricature artists in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and southern Ontario
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